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We suggest our customers a precise description of the development of ERP software. Let’s discuss the key functionality

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ERP Development

With Custom ERP Development, you can manage your business components including human resources, inventory and hardware, sales, marketing, and business planning. Custom ERP software improves the work of enterprises and startups by automating business processes, improving cross-departmental collaboration, and providing secure data storage. It gives you an extensive database where your all company’s data is stored and can be easily managed and analyzed.

Core ERP Modules

Key Functionality of Custom ERP Software Development

The most critical process is to define a future app’s features and modules. A custom ERP system has a broad set of modules and we suggest to you which ones are important for your business. Our expert team will help you with it during the whole development process’s discovery stage, which we will discuss later.

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The measure and broad set of Core ERP Modules are:

  • Business Intelligence
  • Automation
  • Accounting
  • CRM
  • HR
  • Marketing
  • Manufacturing
  • Marketing
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Business Intelligence

The Business intelligence module is a combination of integration, analysis, and reporting modules. It forms dashboards which are very crucial for your business.

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Automation is one of the crucial modules of an ERP system, it implies various functions and forms invoices, payroll, reports, etc.

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The Accounting ERP module helps to control all economic activities by gathering financial information from all departments in one suite and makes your financial leaders' tasks easy and saves time.

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CRM modules help to keep the data such as names, contacts, purchase order history, preferences about the clients in one database. It also integrates with the sales module and getting clarity about the customers allows building long-lasting relationships with them and positively impacts your business’s workflow.

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The HR (Human Resources) module is designed to manage employees and everything related to your business. It includes recruitment, time management, personal information, and payroll. HR module is a broad database where such information is stored like personal data, onboarding, working schedule, paycheck reports, efficiency metrics, compensations, retirements, skill management, etc.

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The Marketing module is firmly integrated with ERP’s other modules like Sales, CRM, and Business Intelligence. It helps to get the analysis of customer engagement, performance, advertisement planning, promotion tactics, sales forecasts, and reports.

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