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ATC is a leading AR development company that helps the industry to empower the latest technology of reality development which enrich their user experience and real-world simulation in their web3 application.

Augmented Reality Product Development

Augmented Reality (AR) Software Development

Augmented reality (AR) is an upgraded version of the real physical world that gets through the use of digital visual elements, sound, or other sensory impulses that is delivered through technology. It is a next-gen technology, and demand is growing rapidly among mobile computing and business applications. The primary goal of AR is to highlight specific features and derive smart and accessible insight that can be applied to real-world applications.

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Augmented Reality Application Development

What's the Efficiency of Our AR Apps

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Scene Detection

Our AR apps help in scanning real-life surroundings with the camera lens, feature aggregated data as an image on a coordinate plane, and interpret it into a depth map to ensure realistic 3D model placement.

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Image and object recognition

Our AR apps also can recognize specific 2D images and 3D real-life objects and develop them with the appropriate text or model data on the device screen.

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Motion tracking

Common for all android devices, smartphones, iPad, Apple iPhone, tablets, GPS, gyroscope, and accelerometer allow our AR apps vigorously resize and calibrate augmentation on the screen as you and your device move around.

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Light Estimation

Smart light estimation algorithms help Our AR apps automatically adjust the lighting of the 3D model to naturally match that of the scene in the camera lens.

Augmented Reality App Development Services

What AR Solutions do We Provide?

Retail Augmented Reality Apps

For any type of retail business like clothes, jewelry, furniture, cars, and more, our AR retail apps help you boost sales regardless of the type of goods you sell. Features virtual fitting rooms and catalogs that allow to virtually place 3D models of the products in real life. Also, offer AR-assisted navigation apps for supermarkets, or create an entire virtual store.

Training and Education AR apps

our training apps instruct inexperienced specialists through product assembly, medical procedures, equipment installation, and other procedures by offering quick text & visual tips. These AR apps also can support on-the-job education in various spheres like manufacturing, public services, healthcare, construction, and more.

Real estate AR apps

Our Real estate AR apps help in showing an empty and spiritless house or apartment into a fully furnished, cozy living space with the help of virtual interior design functionality. It creates a reliable illusion of comfort that may be an integral part to get a deal.

Tourism and Culture AR apps

Our Tourism and Culture AR apps are designed to take your tourism business to the next level. They help in guiding tourists through specified locations, show directions and historical info, and even display useful ads. These apps also increase the impressions of the visitors of your museum or gallery by featuring mutual and immersive content to selected showpieces.

Advertising AR apps

AR also helps in creating marketing strategies that leave an unforgettable impact on the audience. Our Advertising AR apps cover real-time live streaming with your sponsorship assets, install interactive AR screens in popular locations to enhance brand recognition, and give you a creative AR advertising idea of your own.

Manufacturing AR apps

Manufacturing AR apps help manufacturers to access manual process and automated data at the same time and also provides manual data that give a broader picture of factory functionality and shows exactly when and where issues occur. Such AR apps help in Automotive Manufacturing, Aerospace & Defense Manufacturing, Electronics Manufacturing, Medical Manufacturing, and more.

Entertainment AR apps

Our Entertainment AR apps create unique ideas to keep your brand apart from the competition and attract your audience. These apps provide an enticing and delightful experience in online games, social media, live events, and theater performances. AR apps help your ideas to provide real shape.

Healthcare AR apps

We provide ISO 13485-compliant augmented reality apps that help new and experienced healthcare specialists in operating different types of procedures from simple injections to surgeries. This feature is supported by highly accurate AR data, which helps in lowering the stress of health professionals and feel them more confident in their actions.

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