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ATC is a leading VR development company that helps the industry to empower the latest technology of reality development which enrich their user experience and real-world simulation in their web3 application.

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Virtual Reality (VR) Application Development

Virtual Reality (VR) is a virtual environment with immersed experience of the real world with scenes and objects. The VR app allows users to experience the physical environment virtually without going into the real surroundings.

Our team of experts and skilled software developers helps to create compelling, immersive, and smooth AR & VR software solutions, allow companies to better stabilize their brand visibility, connect with audiences as well as provide gamers with a whole new way to play.

Virtual Reality App Development Services

Industries We Develop VR Apps For


With the help of VR apps, health specialists who need to perform the very precise operation can practice without being in the midst of an emergency. These apps help in surgery simulations, psychological therapy, and Gamified rehabilitation. VR technology is also used in cognitive behavior therapy where patients with phobias and anxieties work through their problems in a controlled environment.


Our VR technology offers new methods for teaching and learning for educational institutions. It can also provide students with deep insights into an environment that are typically unreachable while keeping them engaged in the learning process.


With the help of our VR apps, it is possible to train personnel safely, efficiently, and cost-effectively. It is beneficial for those who are working in high-risk or highly specialized positions such as soldiers, firefighters, police officers, surgeons, or other healthcare personnel.


We develop VR for retail businesses like clothes, jewelry, furniture, fabric, toy, decorative items, and more. With our VR apps, customers will be able to try on clothes, decorate their homes, in general, make more informed decisions about products and services.

Real Estate

VR apps benefit real estate in various ways like architects can show detailed plans in 3D, home buyers can tour homes virtually, building engineers can tour HVAC systems, and homeowners can see what their remodels would look like.


We create VR apps also for the entertainment industry to heighten experiences with 360 films and increase the emotional connection with the characters or film itself. We provide real-time animation and motion capture, enabling creators to build interactive animated shows or live-stream animated performances via VR or other channels like YouTube, and Facebook live.

Events, Conferences, and Meetings

VR apps enable individuals to meet in places virtually. Platforms like Meeting Room, Glue, and Arthur can be used to bottle up a cooperative, interactive meetings with colleagues from anywhere in the world with the help of collaboration tools like whiteboards and freehand 3D drawings, they help remote meetings become as good as face-to-face meetings, without the time and cost needed to travel. Such VR apps are also used for networking and events.


With the help of marketing VR apps, companies make customers feel that utilizing the immersion of VR seems like a natural extension.


Tourism Virtual reality application allows you to try a holiday before you buy it. You can experience virtual tours of hotels, landmarks, restaurants, and whatever else you may want to visit on your next vacation. And whenever you go into real, you know the app is worth it.


VR apps make it possible to see not only what an apartment, house, or space will look like but how it will feel. Architectures VR apps use immersive tools that allow them to understand and explore the space at the deepest level possible. It saves the customer and architect time and money, as well as increases satisfaction with the completion of the project.

Interior Design

By using immersive tools, VR apps can mimic interior design too. We provide users with 3D visualization of the interior of their home or workspace from wall color to decoration, lighting to ventilation. Such VR apps not only help designers and homeowners visualize the look and feel of a property but also have a selection of furniture.

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